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An English artist in Celrà, Girona, Catalunya, Spain

This page is being updated. It will be about Girona and a little more about me!

A little bit about myself: I spent my early career in sound in television, working for the BBC. Then I ran my own company, Applied Microsystems Ltd, making electronic products for professional audio and building controls such as air conditioning and access control. When I came to Girona, I switched to art and that is what I do most of the time. But I use my technical knowledge for designing websites and for graphic design. Maybe I can do the same for you!


Stephen Brown Celrà, Girona, Catalunya, Spain.

I am having fun being transgender these days! So I added the Rainbow Flag!

I will tell you more soon. Don't worry, I'm not chopping any bits off!


Updated: 09 septiembre 17



Have a look at my photo archive, (click on the image) The black and white pictures were shot on film. Yes, film! Remember that?



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Here is a link to Catalonia Today showing an article in the series My Space. The photo shows what to me is heaven! A huge desk with a computer, paints, paper, etc etc!

And a link to my inverview on El Punt TV It's a long time ago; I look very different!!



I just sent a message to my friends in my Meetup group in Girona! Tuesday is the day when we have our regular meetup at Catalano Taverna. I put a link in case you want to see what we do. I miss my friends there and it will be three weeks before I am back there because I actually travel back on a Tuesday.... and Wednesday! I leave Pereira late afternoon and catch the overnight flight to Barcelona, arriving around mid-day.

This is Milena who I mentioned before! She cleans the apartment and is also my Paño de Lagrimas (agony aunt)!
Around 11am, I decided to take a walk to Arborlera Shopping Mall but I didn't actually get that far! I walked down Calle 14 towards the centre and was very pleased to find a small tech gadget shop along the way. They had a VGA cable which meant that I could connect the monitor that I brought with me. I use that for Photoshop but it is still easier using the screen on my laptop when I am writing text because it is so close to the keyboard.

I stopped for a coffee and suddenly realised I was right next to Plaza Victoria. When I was with Nini, we always took a taxi so I didn't realise it was so close. I stopped for a coffee at a kiosk and chatted to the woman behind the bar about the difference between ser and estar!

Then I received a message from Alejandra who said that she was free that afternoon and we could go to the Thermals which are close to Sta Rosa which is where I went with Nini's mum. I walked into the plaza, had some lunch and then went back to the apartment to wait for Alejandra at 2pm. I couldn't find my swimming trunks which was a bit annoying because I was thinking that maybe I left them in Cartagena. Fairly expensive Speedos!

Alejandra came at 2pm and we drove, firstly to Sta Rosa and then took the rough track to the Thermals. This was one of the places that I had arranged to go to with Nini but it really needs a car. There were some coaches there but the excursions would probably have been expensive.

This was me prentending to dive into a river!

 Alejandra showed me eucalyptus leaves! (er, not sure. I think that is another plant).

Here is Alejandra at the kiosk where we paid for the entrance. I had to include this photo because she looks terrific!
   We walked up the path to the centre and the cascade came into view.

Maybe the pictures tell the story. We had enormous fun. The water in the pools of the river was cool but not cold. But the water in the pond was like a hot bath as you can see from the steam rising!

Alejandra often grabs my phone, points to a space for me to stand or sit.... or splash around. And takes a photo. Which explains why there are so many pictures of me here!

She took this photo of me in the pool on her phone because I left mine with my clothes in the changing room. When we had the meal, she did a bluetooth transfer of her photos to my phone.

We stayed till around 6pm when suddenly it became dark. Why? Well of course we are near the Equator and the sun sets at 6pm and rises at 6am all the year round. And when it dives below the horizon, it is a vertical drop! Not like those balmy summer days in the UK when it dips gently below the horizon for only a short time close to the summer solstice.

We went to the changing rooms - I left the towel behind which I had brought from the apartment, so when I left on the 10th, I gave them 15 mils for a replacement. Colombians are more modest about their bodies than the Spanish. All changing rooms for sports and also here at the Termales, have (obligatory) cubicles for changing. I realised that too late, oops!

Nude swimming is unknown here. Well, there are very few beaches anyway. Virtually nothing on the Pacific cost. In Spain, there are at least two free beaches near where I live, in Plaja de Pals and Sant Martí de Empuries. A very relaxed atmosphere - wear as much or as little as you wish. Meaning, nothing, of course. When I go to the beach on my bike, it means I can travel very light!

We stopped on the way back for a meal of chorizos which to me are like small sausages. And Alejandra dissuaded me from having a beer and instead ordered Aguapanela con Queso which is a sweet liquid into which you drop pieces of the soft cheese which is very common here.

Suficientes fotos, Alejandra?! My previous posts didn't have many photos but the problem was that many of them were of people or children which I couldn't post. And shopping malls!

So I hope I am catching up now in this post. I will go back to the old posts and try to make them more photographical! But today was exceptional, it is no wonder I had loads of photos!

And what a fantastic surreal day, steam rising, thunder rumbling around with flashes of lightning. Thank you, Alejandra, for a super day!